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About Us - Scooper Trooopers

About Us

Scooper Troopers is a veteran-owned and operated dog waste removal business located in Wilmington, NC. We started this business in 2017 because we believe that our dedication to service and community cannot be matched. Our dream is to grow in such a way that we can give back by providing jobs to other veterans and residents of the Wilmington area.

Whether you own or rent a home, we know that you take pride in your property. Yet like millions of other dog owners, the appeal of that property is often reduced by your best friend’s bathroom breaks.¬†On scheduled service days, our team of professionals not only ensures that your yard is free of harmful pet waste, but we also remove and dispose of it off-property.


Dog Waste

Dog waste is extremely harmful to yards and grassy areas. Canines typically require a high protein diet, which causes their waste to give off a very strong and unpleasant odor. Additionally, dog waste acts as the opposite of a typical fertilizer. It kills grass, leaving unwanted results in your yard such as unsightly brown spots.

Most importantly, dog waste plays host to numerous types of bacteria. This can cause dogs and even people to become sick as. We disinfect all equipment between each yard to ensure diseases are never transferred to other yards.